Eskom Operator Learnership Program

By | November 29, 2016

Eskom Operator Learnership Program

Do you use English as your second language? If yes, it can be a valuable remark to join Eskom Plant Operator learnership program. Learnership is work that based on learning program. So, besides working you are also learning. This is usually used for engineering field or project management. In the workplace, you are trained to work with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills altogether. This is why learnership is considerable option for you who do not have college degree to improve both your career and your knowledge. If you are twelfth grader or N3 with specialization in Mathematics and Physical science, go ahead, send your application soon.

As the urban era at the time being, computer skill is really required if you want to join this program. In addition, it also requires you to have problem solving character because it is really related to plant operator. Write your resume with confidence if you have experience in organization, because organizing skill and planning are important competencies asked by Eskom plant operator learnership program. Addition, you need to understand technical and electrical equipment to be successful in this learnership. If you have willingness to apply, motivate yourselves to have analytical view and conscious deep thinking. This how it works, communication ability is also required.

Apply Eskom Plant Operator Learnership Programme

To apply this program, prepare your application letter and all the attachments and documents needed like your graduation certificate, Id card copy, etc. to some local information provided. You can reach Delmas, Bronkhorstspruit, Phola, Ogies and Wilge. Those are the centers which are accepted your applications. Or, if you are friend with internet, you can apply online through the website of Eskom. Make sure to apply before July, 10th or your application will be successfully rejected. Just wait for 28 days, if there is no response; it means your application to Eskom plant operator learnership program is not successful.