ETDP SETA Bursary: Discover New Teaching

By | November 20, 2016

ETDP SETA Bursary: Discover New Teaching

ETDP SETA bursary is open and looking for young, enthusiastic, committed South African to contribute in teaching in education and training. If you a Grade 12 graduate who is interested in teaching career, ETDP SETA bursary can be a good start for your future. Do not miss the chance!


ETDP SETA bursary

Education, Training and Development Practices is one of Sector Education and Training Authority’s establishment based on Skills Development Act. SETA’s main goal is to identify skills shortages and skills needed by specific sectors and industries and to monitor the employed and unemployed citizens of South Africa to have better competency and suitable workplace. Providing bursary is one of SETA’s action to promote and facilitate skills development.

 Field of Study Available

ETDP SETA bursary will be given to field of study that relate with teaching and its specializations. The available fields of study are mentioned below:

–              Public Finance

–              Bachelor of Commerce

–              Bachelor of Education Foundation Phase

–              Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and Science

–             Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

–              Human Resources Management

–              Certificate in Education

–              Masters in Commerce

–              NPDE (National Professional Diploma in Education) and PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education)

–              Computer Studies

–              ACE  in Leadership and Management

The Criterion For Bursary

To apply for ETDP SETA bursary, all applicants are expected to meet the requirements and those are:

–              Applicants must be South African citizen

–              Applicants are already accepted at any recognized university or institution in suitable fields of study

–              Applicants have passion and committed to teaching career, have personal integrity and like challenges

Applying For Bursary

Applying for ETDP SETA bursary is easy. Applicants only have to attach these important documents needed:

–              Copy of vaild South African ID

–              Unemployed and employed South African with previously disadvantaged history who is interested in ETDP sector identified.

–              Willing to teach at any school appointed by Provincial Education Department

The applicants from, going to and teaching in rural areas will be given priority. The bursary covers bursars’ essential expenses, like tuition fees, accommodation and meals fees, books and course materials and small allowance for living expenses given monthly, depend on each university’s cost structures. Upon academic success, ETDP SETA bursary is renewable until bursars have qualified as a teacher. Bursars will be placed at any school in any Province depend on how long they are in sponsorship.

Applying For Bursary

ETDP SETA bursary application form can be retrieved from here: or contact Marketing and Communications Office on (011) 628-5025