Finance Graduate Internship Opportunity by Glaxosmithkline

By | November 28, 2016

Finance Graduate Internship Opportunity by Glaxosmithkline

Do you want to start your career in finance world but you don’t know where to start? You must be love this internship opportunity then. Since, this one can be your stepping stone to grasp what you are expected for your future career. However, to join something like finance graduate intership, you need to require all of the listed qualifications in order to be a successful applicant. Basically, you need these three things when you apply for this internship opportunity, they are;(1) you need to have Bcom (minimum) for accounting major, (2)MS Office and MS Excel literacy,(3) it must be good if you have essential CIMA qualification.

When you successfully join this internship opportunity, there are four basic things you need to do relate to job responsibility of finance graduate intership opportunity such as Payment Process, Monthend Reporting, Forecast and Budgeting Process, and Compliance. When it comes of Payment Process, here are some of things you need to understand such as; capability to handle weekly payment packs alongside with its documentary validation to bring it to Commercial Finance Partner in certain of time, capable to set up GL posting to the team of Finance Shared Service and many more. Meanwhile, your job responsibility for Monthend Reporting includes; you need to set up Vaccines Stats report, do the preparation for Advertising and Promotion and etc.

Then, when it comes to Forecast and Budgeting Process, you join this internship opportunity your job will be around; give assistance in support of Bison reconciliation and ModCF, carry out monthly roll forward and installation on ModFC and many more. Then, the last one is Compliance, under this category of finance graduate intership opportunity the things you should do, some of them are; make sure the existence supporting document like Knowledge Document or SOPs to assist the system and the process, carry out something like L1 alongside of L2 testing and so on- that’s all the big picture about this internship opportunity, hopefully, it is helpful enough to understand this internship opportunity.

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