Financial Planner Traineeship Program At BDO

By | November 28, 2016

Financial Planner Traineeship Program At BDO

Qualified applicants with huge passion to become a financial planner, BDO offers a financial planner traineership at BDO, commence on January 2017. During the traineeship program at BDO, potential trainees will take a role as assistant financial planner, their duties include; (1) arranging the list related to client reviews dates, where they will deliver it to the Financial Planners, (2) attaining client’s information as data for the report, (3) conduct initial analysis for recent clients, (4) gather client’s pack, (5) deal with clients appointment and presentation of report, and (6) publish appointment activities.

Do you think you can handle your daily duties at financial planner traineeship 2017, 2018 and 2019 at BDO? The chance to apply for BDO traineeship for financial planner, they should have qualification in (1) LLB or BCom Hons Financial Planning/BComm Financial Planning, and (2) applicants who hold undergraduate qualification, then you have to complete the part time studies to be qualified as CFP, there will be also bursary opportunity that will provide chance for applicants to study subject that related to the traineeship opportunity at BDO. You have the qualification for traineeship program from BDO, ensure that you can match the below mentioned competencies.

Apply BDO Financial Traineeship

Applying financial planner traineeship, it means you should have; (1) ability to be an effective team player, (2) capability to perform professional attitude, (3) problem solving skill, (4) skill in operating computer like Word and Excel, and (5) have proactive personality and capability to work together with people in any layers. What you should do, next? First, you need to visit BDO official website, and second, you can apply the traineeship online through their website, before the deadline of the traineeship on December 9th 2016. A traineeship opportunity is a like bridge for potential trainees to gain deeper insight toward the career path that they pick in the future.