Friend Of Design Bursary For Creative Students

By | November 30, 2016

Friend Of Design Bursary For Creative Students

A friend of design bursary is designed for assisting students to actualize their dream in a digital design industry. Through the bursary that they offer, Friend of Design caters an excellent training relating digital design and its relevant areas. After they successfully throw a bursary for game design bursary and web & interactive media bursary for about twenty excellent students, now, they offer another bursary that is resolved in digital design. Why you need to apply for their bursary? Among other training centers that train its applicants with digital arts, this one is a few that offer a high standard quality for its training.

It is proved by international recognition and some certification by authority. They understand, there are many South Africa young generations who really are interested in digital design, but they deal with obstacle to finance the course. In the way to accommodate their talent in digital design and its related area, there is friend of design bursary. Not to say that this is the best digital design bursary that its bursars will get, but obviously, it is rare to find such a bursary that provides a supportive environment to help its bursars to know better about digital design in many aspects.

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In fact friend of design not work alone, it works together with MICT SETA that provides the fund for the friend of design bursary. Apart of intensive training that they offer together with excellent trainer about in-depth print media area, you will get a higher certificate for Print and Design Publishing. Once you finish the bursary program, you have better knowledge relates to the tools, terms, and practical approach in print media/ digital design environment. Before you apply for the bursary online, ensure you provide matric and portfolio. In addition, your age can’t be over than 18 years old.