Good Job Opportunities in SAB Learnership Program

By | November 28, 2016

Good Job Opportunities in SAB Learnership Program

If you want to develop your skills in a learnership, SAB has committed to contribute to your skills development by joining its agendas which has national standard in South Africa. The program focuses on the development of two skills; internal and external skills. The commitment which\ given to external skill development is to develop the learners’ skills that do not have jobs and are directed shown through the SAB Bursary Cheme and learnership or job training programs and vacation work.

For those who are unemployed, the learnership or internship and training service program for learners is organized by the SAB intervention for short-term contracts and encourage them to create jobs for those in need. In addition, this program will also promote the development of learners’ skills.

For learners who take this course will get the benefit in the field of functional competence and critical behavior. Learners are also expected to behave critically and make a significant contribution to market their work. After learners completed the program and completed their academic studies, they have the opportunity to join SAB employee as a full time employee.

At any given time, SAB will have the opportunity for learners who are unemployed to work in all areas of business disciplines. SAB partner in various SETAs like FOODBEV SETA, can ensure alignment of work to have a Skills Development Strategy in the FOOD BEV.

These opportunities will be advertised every year on their website by the owner of SAB. At the website will explain in detail about what provision is available to meet the opportunity to join in this learneship, such as registration requirements, in which regions SAB is located, to whom this registration must be submitted. The CV will be accepted for those who respond to its ad.

SAB also provide vacation work. This opportunity is open only to learners who join the SAB Bursary Scheme. For more information, you can simply klik the link down below

SAB Learnership Program