Google Graduate Internship Program

By | November 28, 2016

Google Graduate Internship Program

Google graduate internship program for 2017 is announced recently to accommodate potential interns to have access toward professional development and technology industry. Various positions are schemed by Google, they are; YouTube Partner Product Solutions, Google Technical Services, Trust & Safety, Marketing, People Operations, Google for Works, Large Customers Sales, and SMB Sales & Operations. On another word, gain your opportunity to join the said graduate internship program, you’ll obtain valuable experience as you will be assigned to conduct project core and also Google’s business.

Google graduate internship program

Which means, Google graduate internship 2017, 2018 & 2019 allows its interns to dig deeper knowledge related to, marketing, finance, human resources, Google for work, sales, and several others. Nevertheless, the chance to apply the graduate internship is limited only for potential applicant with; (1) either master’s or bachelor’s degree students and keep the students status during the graduate internship program (recently enrolled),(2) capability to attend the graduate internship within 10 weeks or 6 months, and (3) prior internship experience in finance, marketing, customer service, analysis, consulting, advertising, sales, and relevant fields will benefit you.

Apply Online Google graduate internship program

Note, due to the completion of Google graduate internship program, interns will back and continue their full time study. Aside from prior internship experience that caters potential interns huge benefit, the internship will show more interest toward students who complete their study either in the end of 2017 or else in 2018. The duration of graduate internship program is depending on what position that you apply. Simply say, the duration can be as short as  10 weeks or more like 6 months. Interested to join? The application is opened for online application that will end on December 1st. To determine whether you are qualified or not for the internship program, Google will screen both preferences (mentioned on application form) and curriculum vitae.