Government Internship Program in DPSA

By | November 28, 2016

Government Internship Program in DPSA

Joining in public service in the government program will also provide good job opportunities for you. DPSA is the Public Service in South Africa. The visions are to provide and make public services more effective and oriented to development that more efficient. However, the program also offers empowerment and inclusive citizenship.

In the department of public service and administration has been listed in Article 195 (1) in the South African Constitution which establishes the basic values and principles that must be obeyed by the DPSA and the Public Service Act (PSA) in 1994 that has been modified.

DPSA program goals are to support the minister in the field of public administration services leading in South Africa. In addition, the DPSA will also provide highly professional advice and have got support in ensuring better public services. Then, DPSA will also promote good governance in South Africa, on the continent of African, and around the world. Besides, DPSA will also establish norms and standards that have been existing to ensure that the refugees of the country will work optimally and thenorms that have been made can be well adhered.

To find out what the requirements are given by the DPSA, you can get the vacancy information on It has been given in detail the requirements you must meet to enroll you in the DPSA. You simply download the PDF file which available on the website.

If you want to know the latest information about learnership and interested in any internship, you could be free filling the box thatavailable at the website. By filling in your name and email address you will get the latest information about learnearship which was posted on the site. Feel free to klik the website above if you need more information about its internship and the learnership program which given by DPSA.

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