Graduate Internship Opportunities at SGS

By | November 30, 2016

Graduate Internship Opportunities at SGS

Graduate internship at SGS is a chance that is designed by peculiar institution, government/private for the opportunity to deal with the real work experience for certain period of time. It can take a week or some months depending on the institution which offers the opportunity. The target applicants usually students or undergraduate students that yearn for knowing more toward the practical side of the major which they take. Nevertheless, the main focus of an internship opportunity is not for employment, but mostly for training. There are two types of internship program. First, it is a full-time program that is always offered within holiday where students/undergraduate students have no duty to attend their class.

Second, it is half-time program where applicants do there duty as intern within their school time alternately. The outcome of graduate/internship program is to bring confident for its interns for better experience that they have toward certain industry that they expect to enter once they graduate. That being said, if you look for the opportunity of graduate learnerships program, SGS provides potential applicants to join for their internship opportunities which are conducted in different locations, such as, Maitland, Woodmead, Somerst West, Durban and Potch. In addition, per location provides you with different internship program for its promising applicants.

Apply for the BA Graduate / Internship Programme in Maitland

Apply for the BA Graduate / Internship Programme in Woodmead

What kind of 2016 graduate internship opportunity you can apply at SGS? The program resolves around Business Administration internship (Woodmead/Maitland), Finance internship (Somerset West/Maitland/Woodmead), Procurement internship , Sales and Marketing internship (Potch/Woodmead), and Chemistry internship (Somerset West/Durban). To dismiss the hustle and bustle when it comes to conventional application method, the official requires you to apply for the internship/graduate program online. They provide specific link for different internship program alongside with its location. As the internship experience brings many benefits for your own skill development, if you have no chance to apply for internship opportunity, and in case one of the list of the program is what you look for, perhaps this is your chance.