Guarantee Trust Bonani Work Readiness Program for Your Accounting Career

By | November 30, 2016

Guarantee Trust Bonani Work Readiness Program for Your Accounting Career

Are you a graduate student from Commerce Study? Or are you taking your final year in accounting study in national university or university of technology in South Africa? Are you worried about your readiness of facing the world? Are you ready to face the real working environment? Or do you feel nervous about it? Don’t you worried, Bonani Work Readiness Program will help you to cast all of your doubts away!

Settling down a work readiness program internship for 4 months in 9 different provinces / district in South Africa, Bonani Work Readiness Program offers you different experience and learning about commerce working field. You will manage to join the Virtual Office module. It is a program designed to train and provide you with experiences and become skilled accounting and commerce job hunter. This program also provides you meal and transportation fee, but 100% free of charge. Who doesn’t want that? Experience for free? You should totally apply for this!

Guarantee Trust: Bonani Accounting Work-Readiness Programme 2016

  • Johannesburg: 011 205 0550
  • Durban: 031 301 2744
  • Cape Town: 021 910 4003
  • Bloemfontein: 051 430 0263
  • Nelspruit: 013 753 2703
  • Mahikeng: 018 381 1961
  • Polokwane: 015 297 0564
  • Port Elizabeth: 041 365 1456
  • East London: 043 722 0162

Even if you are still waiting for your diploma result, you are welcomed to apply for this program. You will deal with company’s paper works and learn how to be responsible of it. No time to waste as there are hundreds of young students and graduate of commerce will look for some additional skilled program to add their knowledge and practical ability. Within 4 months of the internship, you will gain a lot of vital survival skills, and surely share you to be a skilled and ready to employ in accounting companies and firms. Bonani Work Readiness Program is worth to try for your better preparation in facing the real work field. You will learn how to deal with work load, manage to work in team with you colleagues, and be skilled in accounting and commerce. Who will skip that chance? Of course not you!