Guide to Department of Agriculture Learnerships

By | November 21, 2016

Guide to Department of Agriculture Learnerships

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There are so many South Africa’s departments that offer opportunities for its citizens including the Department of Agriculture learnerships. Simply, their aim is only to develop and educate the South African people properly in training programs for sufficient work in the future. This department concerns about food product certifications in order to be consumed by the people safely. They also focus to spread out all of the food supply for adequate livestock. Hence, some fields which related with this department are Food technology, Sciences, Chemistry and many more. All of the fields are available for you who want to develop your skill in agriculture.


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All of requirements are managed by Department of Agriculture learnerships team which directly ordered from the Government. First of all, the candidates should be registered in South Africa citizenships. It means that the valid ID is recommended. Secondly, the matric certification should be included even though copies form they must be certified. The degree or diploma must be relevant with the field or work. Their age must more than 18 and less than 35. The English language skill must be perfect for communication with other countries. Moreover, the CV should be written up to date. Common candidates send their original files bravely these days. Actually, the department only need the copies, not the original.

How to Apply

All of the Department of Agriculture learnerships applications are available via online. The yearly programme can be found at The site will provide download link which lead the candidates to fill Z83 form application. It is the standard form for all learnership programmes in South Africa. For the closing date, August is the most month which used by all department. The point is you have to stay awake browsing their official website. The Department of Agriculture always updates their site especially regarding with learnerships, internships and job vacancies.