Henkel Internship Learnership Vacancies Program

By | November 28, 2016

Henkel Internship Learnership Vacancies Program

Qualified applicant who look forward a graduate internship, they will be exposed with various options. However, among others you can consider Henkel internship learnership vacancies program. Exactly like other graduates internship, you should meet the criteria requested by the graduate internship, that include; (1) degree focused on Marketing that you get from tertiary institutions or universities, (2) qualification in industrial engineering or chemical from tertiary education, (3) national diploma (a three year) majoring in analytical chemistry, (4) strong communication skill, (5) excellent administrative and planning skills, (6) mastering English in all aspect, and  (7) computer skill especially for power point and excel.

Any applicants who hold prior internship experience for Marketing, your application will be prioritized. Not to mention, Henkel internship learnership vacancies 2017, 2018 and 2019 program offers only suitable applicants who reside in Johannesburg. The official gives no explanation toward the closing date, nevertheless, you can apply online for the graduate internship online through the official website. There, you can find additional information as well. Depend on the qualification that you have, graduate internship from Henkel provides you with various graduate internship programs to apply, they are chemistry in-service traineeship, marketing graduate internship, and industrial engineering graduate/chemical graduate internship.

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Successful interns for Henkel internship learnership vacancies program, they have chance to; (1) decipher and undergo activities related to local marketing, (2) make sure that anything like branding material and promotional stuffs follow the guidelines and brand standards, (3) gain ideas and opportunity to involve with the teams for regional or global, (4) contribute in organizing particular local event, (5) be part of external marketing agencies, so then you can learn about materials, concepts, promotions, and costs. Indeed, there are some others things that the graduate internship offer to you. Therefore, if you find that what they offer, it is exactly what you need to improve your skill, shall you apply for the graduate internship.