How To Make Money With Your Car In South Africa

By | October 29, 2021

There are several ways to make money with your car in South Africa, whether you want to make that a full-time job or a part-time. The incorporation of technology into the way of how people move about has made it very simple to make some money with your car.

Below are some simple ways to make money with your car in South Africa.

Rent it out

If you have a car that you don’t use all the time, you could rent it out to make some extra money.

If you only use your car at the weekend, perhaps you could rent it out during the week to someone who needs it for the school run? Or if you only use your car for the commute to work during the week, why not rent it out to someone who requires a car for a getaway over the weekend?

Sell advertising space

If you don’t mind having your car plastered in advertising, then you could let businesses use your car as a promotional tool for a set period.

If you agree to this, it’s likely your car will be wrapped in a self-adhesive colour printed film – known as a car wrap. You can usually decide how much of your car you want covered, which will determine how much you earn. 

Become a courier

Another option is to become a casual courier. If you do a lot of driving, why not see whether someone needs a package delivered en route?

Become an Uber driver

Alternatively, get paid for ferrying people around as an Uber driver. It could be taking someone to work, getting an excited traveller to the airport or a simply helping a group of mates travel to the local pub.

There are a couple of conditions you should know about though. The car you use must be less than five years old and a suitable model (these can be found on Uber’s website), but an MPV vehicle is usually best.

Become A Bolt Driver

Bolt recently rebranded from being known as Taxify. This is one of the fastest-growing taxi apps in South Africa, and it is giving Uber a run for their money. Bolt Taxify is now available in 34 cities and towns across South Africa, resulting in a large market share in the industry. The e-Hailing app has made it easier for many South Africans.

Yookoo Ride

This is one of the most affordable and secure taxi apps in South Africa. Interestingly, it is founded by one of our own people. The service provider charges less fees compared to other taxi applications, which has seen them win the hearts of most customers. The intriguing fact about the app is that both the drivers and riders are profiled using facial recognition to ensure the safety of their clients. There are various ways to pay for your trip, which include:

Paying using cash

Paying using the wallet (The Ybank)

Paying using your card

inDriver South Africa

The inDriver was launched in February 2019 in Cape Town, but with time, they have managed to make their way to cities such as Johannesburg and Durban, among others. The app came at a time when some of the taxi apps were believed to be pricier, especially with the economic situation of the country. This application was unique because a customer would now have a hand in bargaining for the best prices is available. The service is known as Real-Time Deals (RTD).

Orange Cabs

Although they are not as integrated as most of the applications but their services are impeccable. They have been around for the longest time, and it seems like they are here to stay. The best part with them is that you can book your trip through the app or online and be sure to get to your destination on time. Worth noting is that you can book for future trips and have nothing to worry about.

Zebra Cabs

The Zebra Cabs are a to-go app for most South Africans as they come with a variety of services. From having multiple modes of payment to riding in a comfortable car, what else would one ask for? You can either choose to pay using a credit card, swipe your debit card, or pay via cash. The cars are fitted with air-conditioning and leather seats to ensure your ride is worthwhile. The cars are easy to identify as they are uniquely marked with zebra stripes. There are three ways of booking, which are:

Using the app

Online booking

Contacting the call center

Taxi Live Africa

This local app was developed for the private and metered taxi in the South Africa transport industry. The application is superb when it comes to effective communication between the driver, client, and the support team through live chat support. The service provider has ensured that clients are safe during their trip by having an emergency button installed in the app. The app works in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.

Scoop a Cab

The taxi app launched its services in Bloemfontein and later penetrated Pretoria and Johannesburg. The application works by matching a client to a suitable driver in their location. The Company has three types of cars for customers, which are private cars, meter taxis, and hatchbacks. A feature worth noting about Scoop a cab is that they have a pre-booking system, a panic button for emergencies, and a scoop wallet.