How To Search For A Job In South Africa

By | October 28, 2021

For every job available, you will always have to compete with other job-seekers. The information on these pages should help you to find a job, prepare you for the interview and for starting the job.

Government vacancies – This page provides links to vacancies in the South African Government.

Job hunting

The Department of Labour provides guidelines on applying for a job:

Curriculum Vitae – Your CV gives an employer a sense of what you can do and what experience you have.

The interview – The job interview give you the chance to convince your potential new employer that are the right person for the job.

Starting your own business – Not finding a job may not be such a bad thing if you can start you own business.

FAQs on employment

In the workplace

The Department of Labour has information you need to know once your start working:

Basic Guide to Employment Contracts
The Basic Conditions of Employment Act requires that employers give workers certain details of their employment in writing.

Basic Guide to Pay Slips
The Basic Conditions of Employment Act stipulates that employers must give workers certain details each time they are paid.

Basic Guide to Deductions
The Basic Conditions of Employment Act allows for deductions from a worker’s pay only under certain conditions.

Working hours

Basic Guide to Working Hours
The Basic Conditions of Employment Act regulates working hours and rest periods for workers.

Basic Guide to Overtime
The Basic Conditions of Employment regulates overtime working hours and pay for such hours.

Basic Guide to Working on Sundays
The Basic Conditions of Employment prescribes the wages for working on a Sunday.


Basic Guide to Annual Leave
Rules for annual leave as prescribed by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Basic Guide to Sick Leave
Rules for sick leave as prescribed by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Basic Guide to Family Responsibility Leave
Under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, workers may take paid leave to attend to certain family situations

Basic Guide to Maternity Leave
The Basic Conditions of Employment Act gives pregnant workers the right to take maternity leave

Termination and retrenchment

Basic Guide to Termination
The Basic Conditions of Employment Act stipulates the procedures for termination of an employment contract.

Basic Guide to Retrenchment
Employers must follow certain procedures when retrenching workers.

Basic Guide to Severance Pay
Disputes regarding severance pay may be referred to the CCMA.

Worker’s Guide to UIF
All workers must contribute 1% of their pay to the UIF. To claim for benefits certain documents need to be completed and handed in at a labour centre.

Basic Guide to Health and Safety Duties of Workers
All workers must report all health and safety incidents to their employer and the necessarry health and safety parties.

More basic guides

More job opportunities

Are you looking for a job, but don’t know where to start?

Where can I look for a job? – Some ideas from the Department of Labour.

Government vacancies

Getting self-employed

Employment Services for South Africa (ESSA) -If you are looking for a learning or work opportunity, register on the Department of Labour’s Public Employment services for South Africa.

South African Revenue Services (SARS) careers

KwaZulu-Natal unemployed graduates website

The Reserve Bank

Career Junction


Employ SA

Job Space

The jobs portal






Profession Globe

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator