IDC Accounting Graduate Learnership Programme

By | November 29, 2016

IDC Accounting Graduate Learnership Programme

Are looking for training of leader ship? If you are in Sandton you will get it. The leadership purpose is presenting prospective Chartered Accountants to serve many articles in the Corporation. It will provide formal training with organized and practical experience. With this program, candidates of IDC AccountingLearnership will have many competencies. First, they are able to work under pressure. Also, they will work independently. Then, they have skills of negotiations and verbal or written communications. In addition, they are able to maintain the culture corporation. The last, they can obey the process of operational effectively.

The candidates of IDC Accounting Learnership will have qualification criteria such as in the accounting you will get Post Graduate Diploma, certificate on Account theory, and in the accounting, you also will get Honours Degree . The candidates will get many experiences and knowledge. The knowledge will be useful for the future. You will get experience in interpretation skill and analyzing the financial statements. You will have excellent skill of financial model. Also, you will get knowledge of the risk diversity and business. You will be good a financial management and planning. Also, you will get the principles of accounting and the instrument of a capital market. Moreover, you will be good in budget management and budget planning. The last experience is you will manage the expectations and requirement of customers.

Apply for the IDC Graduate Learnership Programme

If you are interested with it, you can apply this job on this website. You will get many experiences. Also, you will get useful knowledge. The bursary students and IDC Employees who hope to join the CA Learnership program at IDC are inviting many applications. You will be a good IDC Accounting Learnership, so apply now. You should apply before the closing time on May 8th. Get your success with choosing this program soon.