IDC Bursary: Solution To Achieve Higher

By | November 20, 2016

IDC Bursary: Solution To Achieve Higher

IDC bursary can be the solution South African students have been waiting or looking for. Bursary is a great chance where students can get higher education without paying any essential costs and it can even provide students with working experience and knowledge after completing the study. Every students have potential, now is the time to shine!

IDC Bursary

About IDC

IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) is a national development finance institution owned by South African government which has the duty to promote economic growth and industrial development. IDC is supervised by Economic Development Department. IDC contributing in promoting entrepreneurship and providing finance for industrial development projects.

The Available Fields oF Study

IDC bursary is applied to any South African accredited university or university of technology. The specific fields of study that relate to industry and required for bursary are:

  • Engineering:

Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical, Industrial, Electronic, Electrical, Mining, Mechanical, Civil, Metallurgy, Geology and Analytical Chemistry

  • Technikon level leading to Bachelor of Technology
  • Applied Commercial Sciences

Bachelor of Commerce Accountancy CA stream, Information Systems Information Technology, Computer Science, Investment Management, Environmental Science and Agriculture

The Criterion For Bursary

IDC bursary has several criterion that every applicants must adhere and those requirements are:

  • Applicants must be South African citizen residing in The Republic Of South Africa
  • Applicants are qualify for admission to a university or university of Technology and Further Education Training
  • Applicants are not benefiting from other bursary/employer
  • Applicants must have Grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Science minimum of a B aggregate symbol
  • University student who is in first year or more will be considered based on Grade 12 and latest academic results
  • Students who are currently studying towards a degree course applied for bursary, must pass all courses registered at university for the study period have completed
  • Applicants must be full-time student toward an academic degree at a recognized South African university/university of Technology
  • IDC bursary does not apply for college
  • Bursary can also be awarded for acquiring a compulsory post-graduate qualification to obtain a prescribed professional status (Chartered Accountants/Btech or Hons)

IDC bursary for full-time undergraduate or diploma studies will comprise a stipend for students living in their own house and full residence fees for students staying at university’s official residences. Registration, tuition fees books and stationary granted bi-annually.

Bursars will be obliged to work for the Corporate based on length they are on bursary.

Applying For Bursary

Closing date of IDC bursary is on May 31 and the application form can be obtained here: