Imperial Logistics Graduate Internship Learnership Program

By | November 28, 2016

Imperial Logistics Graduate Internship Learnership Program

The Imperial logistics graduate internship learnership opportunity is recently opened in two locations, Johannesburg and Cape Town. In addition, there are three graduate internship opportunities unemployed graduates can apply for each location. First, it is Human Resource graduate internship where applicants should have; qualification of three or four year in diploma, BTech, and BCom Honours that specialized in Human Resources. You also can apply with Industrial Psychology qualification. Second, there is Logistics graduate internship. Applying for this graduate internship you should have degree of three or four year experience in BCom Honours Logistics, Operations Transports, and Supply Chain Management.

Too, applicants can apply for Logistics graduates if they hold qualification within BCom majoring in Supply Chain Management, Operations, Logistics, and Transports. Qualified applicants who hold either BTech Logistics (Transports and Operations) or Diploma (Logistics and Transports), the chance for Imperial Logistics graduate internship learnership 2017, 2018 and 2019 program is there for you. Third, it is CIMA graduate internship program that is designed for potential graduates with three or four year degree in BCom/Honours in Management Accounting or Financial. The graduate internship program at Imperial Logistics in meant for qualified applicants with zero experience.

Apply Online Imperial Logistic Internshi Learnership

But, if you are applicants with 2 years or more work experience, fortunately, you can apply for Imperial Logistics graduates internship learnership as well as far as you meet with the requirements. The application should be applied online none later than the deadline of the graduate internship on August 31st 2016. Ensure that you follow the instructions when applying the mentioned graduate internship online. More information for the graduate internship, you can find them through the official website. Usually there will be link to direct you to the graduate internship that you expect to apply. Pay attention to it, as you need to notify the official not only for the graduate internship that apply, but also the location of the graduate internship.