Intern Estate Agents Internship Opportunity At PAM Golding Properties

By | November 28, 2016

Intern Estate Agents Internship Opportunity At PAM Golding Properties

Still looking around internship opportunity? Intern estate agents internship is a good chance for unemployed graduates who put their interest toward marketing and selling that are relevant with properties and its pertinent areas. The requirements that you should obtain, it includes; grade 12 or matric, have transport, valid driver’s license, and provide certified fidelity fund certificate. The requirements are not stopping there, be sure that you have these following competencies; customer oriented, capability to apply values and principles, able to work under pressure, adaptable with new environment and many others.

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You have the requirements for intern estate agents, you can apply online through the official website or certain link that is given. What’s next? Send your application none later than August 31st 2016. No late application will be approved. You have chance to claim your position within the internship program at PAM Golding Properties, here are things you should conduct during the the internship; (1) accomplish the introduction program during the internship, (2) consult short and long terms duties with your mentor, (3) if it is requested, you have to join any meeting that is performed with clients, (4) finish internal training courses.

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Many others key responsibilities you should know, thence you have something on your mind about the things that you will do as intern estate agents at PAM Golding Properties, speak of it, you will also do the following; (1) you are responsible to promote and market properties, (2) provide assistance for buyers, (3) advise client if necessary, (4) catch up the trends that related to properties in general and local, (5) do negotiation with clients under supervision, (6) you need to make sure that the price that is offered, it’s a-win-win solution for both parties, and there are numbers of things that you should conduct during the training program.