Internship Programme at the Department of Trade & Industry

By | November 23, 2016

Internship Programme at the Department of Trade & Industry

The Department of Trade and Industry invites graduates to apply for internship opportunities for a period of 12 months commencing 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 in various fields of study. Interns will receive monthly stipend of R6 000.00 in accordance with their highest qualification at the time of appointment. Unless indicated otherwise, the internship opportunities are based in Pretoria.

Division Names:

• CCRD – Consumer and Corporate Regulation Division
• GSSSD – Group Systems and Support Services (Corporate Services)
• IDAD – Incentive Development and Administration Division
• IDD – Industrial Development Division
• ODG – Office of the Director-General
• SEZ&ET – Special Economic Zones and Economic Transformation
• TISA – Trade and Investment South Africa ISA – Investment South Africa

Required Qualifications

  • CCRD – Socio Economic Impact and Assessment Development – Degree/Diploma in Economics (Reference Number: LC01)
  • CCRD – Institutional Management – Degree/Diploma in Public Management/Law (Reference Number:: LC02)
  • CCRD – Market Research and Trend Analysis -Degree/Diploma inEconomics/ Business (Reference Number: LC03)
  • CCRD – Stakeholder Relations – Degree/Diploma inCommunications, Public Relations, Journalism/ Marketing (Reference Number:: LC04)
  • CCRD – Operational Management -Degree/Diploma in Human Resource Management (Reference Number: LC05)
  • GSSSD – Office of the Chief Director: HR&LC – Degree/Diploma in Public / Business Administration (Reference Number: LC06)
  • GSSSD – Recruitment Operations -Degree/Diploma in Human Resource Management (Reference Number: LC07)
  • GSSSD – Employment Relations – Degree/Diploma in Human Resource Management / Labour Law/ LLB (Reference Number:LC08)
  • GSSSD – Talent and performance Management- Degree/Diploma in Human Resource Management / Development related (Reference Number:LC09)
  • GSSSD – Human Resource Development – Degree/Diploma in Human Resources Development (Reference Number:LC10)
  • GSSSD – Wellness Centre – Degree/Diploma in Social Science (Reference Number:LC11)
  • GSSSD – Office of the Chief Information Officer – Degree/Diploma in IT/ICT (Reference Number:LC12)
  • GSSSD – Accommodation Management Services: Security Services – Degree/Diploma in Safety Management (Reference Number:LC13)
  • IDAD-  Employment Creation Fund Unit  – Degree/Diploma in Accounting/Auditing or Financial Management (Reference Number:LC14)
  • IDAD – Eastern Cape Regional Office – Degree/Diploma in Economics  (Reference Number:LC15)
  • IDAD Western Cape Regional Office – Degree/Diploma in Economics Economics (Reference Number: LC16)
  • IDAD – Product Development Unit- Degree/Diploma in Economics (Reference Numbers: LC17)
  • IDAD – Product Development Unit- Degree/Diploma in Economics (Development/ General) (Reference Number:LC18)
  • IDD – Agro-Processing- Degree/Diploma in Agriculture/Agricultural Economics/Economics/ Forestry Science (Reference Number:LC19)
  • IDD – Mining Equipment- Degree/Diploma in Economics/Mining Engineering/Chemical Engineering/Metallurgy/ Geology and Supply Chain (Reference Number: LC20)
  • IDD – Up/Mid-stream oil and Gas – Degree/Diploma in Economics/Geology/ Chemical engineering/Supply Chain (Reference Number:LC21)
  • IDD – Aerospace and Defense – Degree/Diploma in Economics (Reference Number LC22)
  • IDD Industrial Policy – Degree/Diploma in Economics  (Reference Number LC23)
  • IDD Divisional Management- Degree/Diploma in Business Administration/ Public Management LC24
  • ISA – Investment Promotion – Degree/Diploma in Economics (Reference Number:LC25)
  • ISA – One Stop Shop (Provincial) – Degree/Diploma in Economics  (Reference Number:LC26)
  • ISA – Special Projects – Degree/Diploma in Business Management/ Operations/ Public Administration  (Reference Number:LC27)
  • ISA – Finance – Degree/Diploma in Finance/Accounting  (Reference Number:LC28)
  • ODG – Strategy Management and Entity Oversight – Degree/Diploma in Public Administration /Management  (Reference Number:LC2)
  • ODG – Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement- Degree/Diploma in Public Relations/ Advertising/ Event Management/ Marketing Management (Reference Number:LC30)
  • ODG – Financial Accounting: Staff Claims & Salaries – Degree/Diploma in Financial Accounting  (Reference Number:LC31)
  • SEZ & ET – Strategy and Monitoring and stakeholder liaison – Degree/Diploma in Economic Development (Reference Number:LC32)
  • SEZ & ET – Program Design and Implementation – Degree/Diploma in Economics  (Reference Number:LC33)
  • SEZ & ET – Space Affairs – Degree/Diploma in Office Management and Technology  (Reference Number:LC34)
  • SEZ & ET – Divisional management Unit – Degree/Diploma in Public Administration/Business Administration  (Reference Number: LC35)
  • SEZ & ET – Economic Infrastructure – Degree/Diploma in Economics  (Reference Number: LC36)
  • B-BBEE Commission – Legal Support and Prosecution – LLB  (Reference Number:LC37)
  • B-BBEE Commission – ICT – Degree/Diploma in Computer science/Informatics/System Engineering/Information technology/Business Administration/ Network Administration (Reference Number: LC38)
  • B-BBEE Commission – Case management and Administration – Degree/Diploma in Public Administration/Law/Business Administration/ Records Management (Reference Number: LC39)
  • B-BBEE Commission – Investigations and Enforcement – Degree/Diploma in Public Administration/Business Administration (Reference Number: LC40)
  • B-BBEE Commission – Advocacy, Education and Awareness Development – Degree/Diploma in Public Administration/Business Administration/Education/Law (Reference Number:LC41)
  • B-BBEE Commission – HRM – Degree/Diploma in HRM/Social Science/Industrial Psychology/Public Administration (Reference Number:LC42)
  • TISA Export marketing: National Pavilions – Degree/Diploma in Business Administration/Management/Economics (Reference Number:LC43)
  • TISA – Export Marketing: EMIA- Degree/Diploma in Accounting/Business Administration/Economics  (Reference Number:LC44)
  • TISA Export Promotion North America – Degree/Diploma in Economics/Business Economics (Reference Number:LC4)
  • TISA – Export Promotion-Europe Desk – Degree/Diploma in Economics/International Trade  (Reference Number:LC46)
  • TISA – Export Promotion-South America- Degree/Diploma in Economics/International Relations (Reference Number:LC47)
  • TISA – Expert Promotion: Asia Desk – Degree/Diploma in Economics/International Trade (Reference Number:LC48)
  • TISA – Export Promotion: Services Desk – Degree/Diploma in Economics (Reference Number:LC49)
  • TISA – Export Promotion-Regional Desks – Degree/Diploma in Economics/Marketing/Interna tional Relations  (Reference Number:LC50)
  • TISA – International Operations – Degree/Diploma in Research/Information (Reference Number:LC51)
  • TISA – Operations: Business Intelligence – Degree/Diploma in IT/Information Systems (Data Mining) (Reference Number:LC52)


  • Applications are invited from unemployed South African citizens aged between 18 and 35 years who have completed a minimum of N6/National Diploma or B degree in the relevant fields as indicated above
  • Applicants who have already participated in any Government Internship Programme will not be considered and if it is found that this was the case after appointment, the contract will be terminated with immediate effect.

How to apply

Closing date is 02 December 2016. No late applications will be considered.

Applications must be submitted on a signed Z83 form (download here), obtainable from any Public Service department and must be accompanied by a comprehensive CV and certified copies of qualification (including Matric Certificate), academic record and Identity Document. Failure to provide required documents will disqualify applicants. Applicants must clearly indicate the reference number on the Z83 form. A separate application should be submitted for each internship position applied for. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have international qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). All qualifications will be subjected to verification. Correspondence will be limited to short-listed candidates only. If you have not been contacted within two (2) months of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. The Department of Trade and Industry is committed to the achievement of and maintenance of diversity and equity in employment, especially of race, gender and disability.

Applications can be submitted through the following means:

• By post to the Registry Office, The Department of Trade and Industry, Private Bag x84, Pretoria, 0001;
• Hand-delivered to the dti Campus, corner of Meintjies and Robert Sobukwe Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria; or
• E-mailed to (Reference must appear in subject line of e-mail).

Please direct all queries to: Nonhlanhla Sindane at 012 394 1632 or Benzi Thobane 012 394 3040