Internship Programs from Unilever

By | November 29, 2016

Internship Programs from Unilever

Some people might be looking for the internship or the graduate programs. If you are also looking for one, then you might be interested in the Unilever graduate internship. You should never ask what Unilever is since this is one of the biggest company that you might have known all over the world.

There are some programs offered by Unilever for many fields and many people. The first one is the Finance and the Financial Management. For this internship programs, you will be required to complete the CIMA Programs that will be held by Unilever later on. However, the BCom with the Accounts 3 on the list is preferable for this internship programs. The second one is the Customer Development and the Customer Management in the terms of selling. They can take any bachelors degree from any disciplines, but some of the preferred degrees are the BCom, the BBS, and the BSocSc. You can try that Unilever graduate internship if you think that you have one of those criteria.

Apply Unilever Finance Management Internship Opportunity

The third is for the Marketing internship. For the basic criteria, are the same like Customer Development, but the BSocSc is not something preferable on the list. The next program is the Research and Development internship program. For this program, the main requirement is the one who have the bachelor degree from the applied science and the engineering. However, the additional value for the applicants comes from the BSc in Microbiology and Chemistry, the BEng, and also the Chemical and Mechanical Engineering.

If you are interested in one of those internship programs above, then you might want to apply your letter to Unilever directly and choose one of those Unilever graduate internship programs. That is because the closing date for the application of any of those programs is on August 14 2015.