Kantey – Templer Bursary Engineering Scholarship for 2016

By | November 29, 2016

Kantey – Templer Bursary Engineering Scholarship for 2016

If you are a student and you are looking forward for having the best way to make your study period to be more attractive, you better get the best choice of the financial aid for your studying. In some cases, you might get the financial needs in college to be quite bothering for you. But, in some other cases you will also get the financial aid programs which will be important for supporting your study in college. This means you can consider having one of the best programs for your study. This is the Kantey-Templer Bursary. The bursary is given to you to support your financial circumstance and to improve the life quality you have.

Kantey-Templer Bursary is addressed to the students with the disadvantage economic background. There are so many considerations you have to take when you are looking for the best program for your need. This is a program which is designed for you who are studying in the engineering majors. Besides, the bursary program, which is really useful and advantageous, will be given to the students by considering two aspects; the academic score and also the financial circumstance. This is because almost 80% of the bursary receivers are the ones who come from the family with the disadvantage financial background and have the good academic score.

Download Application Form for the Kantey & Templer Bursary or Download (DOC) version of the Application Form

If you are interested with this program, you can also get the advantages by having the working contract in the Kantey-Templer for one-year or 12 months period which will be really suitable for you. Of course, the working deal will be done after you get your diploma or undergraduate certificate. This means you can get the best things and best experiences to improve your working experience by joining Kantey-Templer Bursary. You can also download the application form which is available and send them to the Bursary Committee, Kantey&Templer (Pty) Ltd, P O Box 3132, Cape Town, 8000 or by sending an email to the email address at info@ct.kanteys.co.za before the due date at 30 September 2015.