KZN Dept of Health Bursary for the Medical Fields

By | November 29, 2016

KZN Dept of Health Bursary for the Medical Fields

If you are thinking about working in the field of medic, then you might want to try the KZN Dept of Health bursary. That is because this free program can be considered as the nice way to enter the world of medic with the smooth way. That is because the program will help you get more experience in this kind of field. If you are interested, then you will need to have all of these requirements.

You will need to be the native of KwaZulu-Natal. You will also need to have the good academic record with the proof from the institution such as university. The next one is that you will also need to have the application or the registration form of the tertiary institution. The one related with the medical fields is preferable. To get the KZN Dept of Health bursary, you must not have any other bursary at the time you register the program. Since the program requires the money to run, then the allocation for the program of each student is allocated based on the average of family income. Therefore, you might want to learn about the detail for this last requirement.

Apply Health Bursary in eThekwini

List of Government Hospital

If you are interested in the program, you can simply go to the nearest government hospital in your house. From there, you will be able to find the details about the program. Even if you can find the posters and advertising about the program, it is recommended that you ask for the one in charge of the program at the hospital so that you can get the clear detail about the program. For your final information, the KZN Dept of Health bursary program will be closed in August 31 2015. Therefore, if you do not want to miss the chance, you will need to apply for the program as soon as possible.