The Learnership Program in the City of Johannesburg

By | November 29, 2016

The Learnership Program in the City of Johannesburg

Digital era has been one of the reasons why there are so many people who are looking for new method in having the easier ways for getting the world to become digital in every sector. It is also including the city of Johannesburg where there is a program for the brightest in the IT sector to have their hands on the learnership program which is designed for having the improved skill and also the improvement of willingness for getting the entrepreneurship experience and have the critical thinking about the nowadays world. This can be your consideration when you have the qualifications and you want to be one of 1000 people who get the chance for it.

This program is actually beginning for the idea of having the city of Johannesburg to be the smart city. The government wants to get the brightest and also the young generations of the Johannesburg to be smart and also innovative. This is also important for keeping the pace with the digital era. The city has been signed the contract of partnership with some big companies like Microsoft, FiberCo, Cisco, Technology Innovation Agency and the Nunnovation Africa Foundation to train the brightest young generation for having the improved skill on it.

Apply City of Johannesburg COJEDI Learnership

This program, which is called as COJEDI is actually designed for preparing the young people with the critical thinking to get the empowering and also employment in the company for their future job experience. The requirements which should be considered are the CV, copy of ID, Post-School Qualification if you have gotten some course or any other things, the matric certification and also the proof of residence. With the requirements for learnership program in city of Johannesburg to be completed, you can actually get them to be applied before the closing date of this program on 3 July 2015