Learnerships Programme for Gauteng Arts and Culture Council

By | November 28, 2016

Learnerships Programme for Gauteng Arts and Culture Council

Such a great learnerships programme is offered by Gauteng Arts and Culture Council which is designed in great collaboration with Gauteng Department of Sports and other department like Arts, culture and recreation department. Moreover, for the new learnership program is available for the learners in arts and culture field. It is very good chance for the students who are going to study about art and culture. This scholarship and the program are for culture council in South Africa.

The learnerships programme is intended for those who are less fortunate in the cost of education. All the facilities and the cost will be paid by the Guateng Art and Culture Scholarship and the program is expected to be able to increase the quantity of human resources. To that end, this precious opportunity you should not waste it. Students who receive scholarships will be given the opportunity to study for 4 years.

Citizen of South Africa a top priority to get this scholarship, and is intended for those who are poor. Some disciplines learnershipsprogramme are given the theater and the visual arts, arts and cultural studies, drama, dance and choreography, jewelry design, shows, music, copywriting, ceramic design, the arrangement of sounds, Puppetry, Medea studies, classical music and many other programs which can be obtained from the link that will be given.
The conditions for the other, participants must provide virtual identity, both personal identity files, or documents of an official nature such as education diplomas and other documents. Letter of recommendation from the executor is also added. This scholarship will be awarded in the form of tuition, books and teaching aids such as registration fees. However, this scholarship does not provide accommodation costs. If you are interested, you can immediately enroll yourself and be their part. This learnerships programme information can be obtained from the link below.

Gauteng Department of Art, Culture and Recreation

Description: Learnerships programme offers scholarship for Arts and Culture Bursary, which is held by Gauteng Arts and Culture Council. It offers such a great experience and challenge.