Letsema Learnerships Program in Banking Sector

By | November 28, 2016

Letsema Learnerships Program in Banking Sector

One of popular career which might be your dream is banker. If it is so, it is a must for you to get enough skill and knowledge about banking. To achieve your dream, you can just take banking learneships program. Moreover, you also need to learn at the place which supports your need. For your reference, you can visit http://www.bankseta.org.za/site.aspx?section=4&page=14. This is the place which focuses on Letsema learnerships program. The good news is that they are offering 2014 Letsema or post matrick learnerships program. Just go directly to the link given above and get the application. Actually, there are two different links.

First link is to get access on the Lestsema Learnership advert whereas the second link is to get access on the Letsema learnerships application form. After registering yourself by visiting the website above, you will follow the banking learnerships program for 1 year. The material which will be given to you is including training provision and leaner support. Interestingly, the program will be helped by the registered employer to give coaching and workstations. The training is various and it depends on the registered skill program. How about the result? Around 75% – 85% of people who are following this program are achieving the dream to have a job in the banking sector.This high achievement is because the learners are exposed to the key role of the banking sector. They have real contribution in shaping social, economic, and political landscape.

After downloading the form, you will have a fixed term agreement. This agreement is between you and the training provider. The period of the time to finish the Letsema learnerships program will be 12 months or 1 year. During this period, you have to show your potential and positive attitude, and also your motivation to achieve the knowledge from the program. Hopefully, later you can reach your dream to get a job in the banking sector.

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