Massdiscounters Graduate Internship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

Massdiscounters Graduate Internship Programme

For those who expect to join graduate programme which its orientation is on retail or wholesale matter, be sure you give your concern to the graduate/internship programme that is held by Massdiscounters. The graduate programme will be lasted in one year, and for those who want to take part for Massdiscounters graduate internship, ensure yourself that you have anything that is needed. However, to apply for this graduate/internship programme you must a typical person who is; full-motivated, Excellency in both communication and interpersonal skill, and have good academic records. You must be matriculated and completed for higher education institution.

You already find out about the basic criteria about how to be a part of graduate/internship programme. Nevertheless, this is another crucial thing you need to know if you really are serious to join Massdiscounters graduate/internship programme. Ensure yourself that you already accomplish one of these following degree/diploma, they are; Information Technology, Logistics, PR/Marketing, Supply Chain, Retail, Social Science, Finance/Accounting, General Business, and the last one is Human Resources. In fact, this graduate/internship programme is not covering all of the region in South Africa, but only some of them, more, each region demands for different capability. Below you will find the details.

Apply Massdiscounters Graduate / Internship Programme

Speaking of which, for Free State and Eastern Cape, it demands for HR. Whilst, when it comes to Cape Town, it seeks for Logistics, Supply Chains and HR. Then, for Johannesburg, it seeks the same skill as Cape Town in the way to join for Massdicounters graduate internship, they are HR, Logistic and Supply Chains. The last place where you can apply for this graduate/internship programme is Durban, herein it demands plenty they are; Accounting, General Business, HR, Social Sciences, Retail, Logistics, Supply Chains, PR, and Information Technology. Anyway, the closing date for this graduate/internship programme is on March 20th 2015.