Mayoral Bursary: Newcastle Municipality

By | November 20, 2016

Mayoral Bursary: Newcastle Municipality

Mayoral Bursary is available and every South African who resides in Newcastle are invited to apply and discover true potential in higher education. Newcastle Municipality’s aims to give wider opportunity for Newcastle residents, especially to disadvantaged individuals, to improve their education and increase their knowledge and skills by providing financial supports. So that the bursars can contribute in creating better life and better community.

About Newcastle


With total population of 363.236 citizens (2011), Newcastle is the third largest city in KwaZulu-Natal and tenth largest city in South Africa. Newcastle is located near to Ncandu River and has become one of the main industrial centers in South Africa with four industrial zones. Newcastle also a vibrant city because of its society and culture activities in music, sports and arts.

Available Fields of Study

Newcastle Municipality mayoral bursary will be awarded for tertiary learners to achieve higher degree in ANY fields of studies they are interested in. Note that the bursary will only apply at any accredited Higher Education Institution located in Newcastle.

The Criterion For Bursary

Newcastle mayoral bursary are open for all eager Newcastle residents and focusing on people with historically or previously disadvantaged needy student to get higher and better education. The requirements must be fulfilled by candidates are:

–              Applicants must be Newcastle residences

–              Applicants come from less fortunate background and need financial support to further studies

–              The applicants must be current Grade 12 students and met the requirements

–              Matriculated only in Newcastle

–              People designated as youth based on Constitution of Republic of South Africa Number 108 0f 1996

–              Applicants register to study at any accredited university or institution for any fields of study

–              Students with excellent academic results will be preferred

–              Priorities will be given to disadvantaged individual

Selection results of Newcastle mayoral bursary is based on the provider’s discreetion. The bursary type is once-off registration assistance.

Applying For Bursary

Interested candidates should attach the required documentations with the application forms:

–              Residential proof

–              Certified copies of South African ID

–              Certified copies of certificates or latest academic results

–              Provisional letter of university acceptance or registration

–              Parents’/guardian’s payslip copy

–              Estimated fees quotation from the desired university/institution

–              Comprehensive CV

Incomplete application forms and documentations will not be considered.

Mayoral Bursary bursaries application form can be obtained at Office No. F32 Newcastle Civic Centre or online at: