Medical Claim Learnership at Metropolitan

By | November 30, 2016

Medical Claim Learnership at Metropolitan

You knew that learnership opportunity is a good chance to enhance your knowledge, thence you have not only theoretical understanding, but it is also completed with practical experience. Medical claim learnership opportunity is worth a consideration if you look for deeper understanding in the world of Medical Claim Assessing (NQF Level 4). Nevertheless, the aim of this learnership program is to prepare suitable students to be ready to deal with work opportunities once they finish their studies which focus on insurance and medical administration industry. The requirements to join a learnership opportunity like medical claim at Metropolitan, below you’ll find the details information.

Obtain first a certificate for Grade 12, thence you have to match these following; average 50% in English (level 4), average 50% and up for Pure Mathematics (level 4), average 40% for another language (level 3), and average 70% or up for Mathematical Literacy (level 6). Another must-have qualifications for medical claim learnership program, you have no hassle to deal with MS Office at least for its intermediate level, and be sure that you can spare your time within 12 months only to fulfill the program properly.

Apply Online for the Metropolitan Medical Claims Learnership Programme

Guess what? Your good track for academical stuff is not the only consideration that is taken by the official, your trait counts too. Convince that yourself have good verbal skill, more you must be very assertive and without fail you can both access and process information. Being creative and a problem solver are another traits that will widen your chance to be a successful learner for medical claim learnership program. You can apply for this one online before the closing date of the learnership program on December 31st 2015. Say that you deal with technical issue to upload your CV, don’t hesitate to contact 021 940 5169, the PeopleSoft Helpdesk will help you.