Mintek Bursary Scholarship Opportunity

By | November 29, 2016

Mintek Bursary Scholarship Opportunity

Have you ever wondered to get a scholarship before? Mintek bursary offers you varieties scholarship for honors degree or undergraduate degree. There are varieties of field that you may choose if you want to get mintek bursary scholarship. They are chemistry, mechanical programme, physical metallurgy, and mining. You can choose the most appropriate field regarding on your passion. Bursars deliver expert and skilled of scientists and engineers for some African, especially for you who want to take in the mineral and metallurgy sector. There will be full payment of registration, residence fee and tuition. Get also additional allowance if you want work in Mantek for several years.

Apply Online Mintek Bursary

Then, if you want to apply to be one of part in mintek bursary scholarship field, you can fulfill the requirements first. You have to send your newest curriculum vitae, write about yourself clearly, well-presented, and make it looks interesting. After that, enclose the certified copy of proof identify (ID or passport), and also certified copies of Matric certificate and official university transcript or certificates or registration. Make the best your application letter ( undergraduate / postgraduate ), and submit it to several addressees. First, you can submit your application letter to via post in Mintek Bursary Office, Private Bag X3015, Randburg 2125. Check it carefully the addressee before you submit it. Perhaps, you can go to both fax in 011 709 4465.

Follow the rules of requirements carefully. Do not forget submit your attached application letter before July 31st. If you have submitted your application letter by email, make sure that you have often to check your email to get their confirmation. Do not wait it again, this is time for you to take this opportunities to the expert engineers and scientists by Mintek bursary scholarship. In addition, you will get some new knowledge from the field of interest. Also, get experiences in having networking with some experts.