Monocle Learnership Internship Career

By | November 28, 2016

Monocle Learnership Internship Career

Still  have no idea what graduate internship program to apply? Or you don’t find one that is met your qualification, how about you consider Monocle learnership internship career program? In order to support youth of South African with brilliant talents to improve their chance to build their career within the path that they choose, per year Monode recruits graduates with potential their graduate internship program. Good thing, the said internship offers the opportunity for applicants with various disciplines. Nonetheless, are you qualified applicants who hold either Masters or Honours degree?

Monocle Learnership

Monode learnership internship career 2017, 2018 & 2019 program open the opportunity for graduates with Masters and Honours qualifications to expand their skill not only in theoretical area, but also practical. Since, theoretical skill alone is not sufficed. Nevertheless, the the position for graduate internship at Monode is given to those who hold either Masters and Honours degree in computer science, informatics, information technology, engineering, commercial law, accounting, risk management, statistics, maths, economics, or finance. Any suitable applicants who meet the requirements they can apply online for the graduate internship. There is no deadline date that is mentioned, which means the availability for the graduate internship can’t be predicted.

Apply Online Monocle Learnership

However, if you act immediately and submit the requested information properly you hold the chance on your hand. What potential applicants will achieve during Monode learnership internship career program? Successful interns will have access to; (1) both hard and soft skills areas that cover SQL, VBA, Access, and also Microsoft Excel, (2) learn how to survive in high pressure circumstance while working in team, (3) learn about how to create excellent executive presentation, video content, book review together with white papers, (4) explore the official Internal Knowledge Program, (5) have opportunity to deal with different people to interact with, and many other more. Consider yourself fit for the graduate internship? Ensure to apply.