Msunduzi Municipality Internship Programme in South Africa

By | November 28, 2016

Msunduzi Municipality Internship Programme in South Africa

Msunduzi Municipality Program offers Internship Programme in South Africa in the development of human resources and developing strategy department. This program is designed to increase the experience and expertise in a short period and of course, this will provide an outstanding experience. This opportunity should you use to get the best possible experience truly useful for your developing career. Do you interest to join this program? Well, you need to know some requirements and criteria to be accepted in this program so you will know better for all.

Some of the requirements and criteria for this internship is the college that requires participants to explore the feasibility of experiential training to improve skills. The next requirement is that you live in South Africa against the background of the family residing in the Msunduzi. However, the most important that you must have is great expectation for joining the Internship Programme which will be held for some months.

High interest is also the assessment, so that showed high interest in the Internship Programme is very important. To get this program, a great willingness in learning and working a top priority and the opportunity to work in local government will be even greater. Therefore, this excellent opportunity becomes a valuable opportunity for you if you can pass the registration, test and placement test.

The deadline for the collection of files on 2014, meanwhile for the Form can be downloaded on the link that will be given, and of course, you have to create a curriculum vitae and certified copies of identity that you enclose along with the application file. Make sure that everything is the truly identity, because it will be confirmed even to your address, certificate and some experiences that you have. To get more information on this Internship Programme, you can get it by clicking the link below.

Internship Programme Form

To apply post to the following address: The Msunduzi Municipality, Private Bag x 321, 6th floor, Prof Nyembezi CTR, 341 Churc st, PIETERMARITZBURG 3200

Description: Internship Programme is great program for increasing your skill in the development of human resources and developing strategy department which offers so many experiences.

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