Nampak Electrical & Fitting Internship Programme

By | November 28, 2016

Nampak Electrical & Fitting Internship Programme

Do you wait for 2015 electrical & fitting apprenticeship programme? Therefore, the chance is coming for you, since the programme which will be closed on January 16th 2015 is opened just right now. Addition, the apprenticeship programme is located in Glass Roodekop, Johannesburg. So, what it takes to get involved to Nampak electrical & fitting internship programme? Do you want to know what are they? You need to read till the end, then. If you indeed want to join for this apprenticeship programme, you must have these following;(1) a N4 level or NCV level for technical/engineering major or any equivalent qualification that match to the apprenticeship programme, (2) you mush have a thorough understanding toward mechanical or engineering stuffs.

The other things you need to consider when it comes to the requirements for applying Nampak electrical & fitting internship programme are; you need to have both excellent interpersonal skill and communication skill, you capable to work whether in shift or in team, you have positive mental attitude, you can handle overtime work, you know how to use computer, you have systematic orientation, and the last one, you should capable to handle the job that is offering to you with full of integrity.

You must know, in the time you apply for this apprenticeship programme, here are some following things you need to do; you have to settle theoretical trade modules of CHIETA, you have to do both job training or related training intensively, another thing you need to do when you join Nampak electrical & fitting internship programme, you have to compatible enough to design both rules and regulations. More, you must to have such capability such as delivering support during production process, displaying installation competency, and the last one you need to identify yourself as trouble shooter and problem solver. Finally, to show up your qualities, don’t forget to apply for this apprenticeship programme for 2015.

Apply for the Nampak Electrical & Fitting Internship Programme 2015

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