Nampak Engineering Traineeship Opportunities

By | November 28, 2016

Nampak Engineering Traineeship Opportunities

For those who are waiting for engineering traineeship opportunity, you must be considered yourself as the lucky one since, Nampak for 2015 caters two engineering traineeship opportunities to join. The two engineering traineeship opportunities are held on Glass Roodekop, Johannesburg. In addition, the closing date of those two Nampak engineering traineeship opportunities is on January 16th 2015. So, whether you want to apply for Nampak glass making traineeship or Nampak quality lehr traineeship opportunities, below you will get some information for both the requirements and the job contents of these two engineering traineeship opportunities.

The requirements for these two engineering traineeship opportunities are the same, they are; (1) have a N4 or NCV level 4 for electrical/mechanical engineering. (2) to join Nampak engineering traineeship opportunities, you must be capable to join the traineeship on February 1st 2015,(3) you must have ambition to learn and grow, (4)you are available for overtime work and shift work, (5) have excellency for both communication and interpersonal skills, (6) have good knowledge toward technical and mechanical stuffs. After knowing the requirements, you also need to know the job contents of these two programmes to bring you brief envision for these two.

In fact, the job contents for both of the traineeship programmes are almost the same. There are only two different points that differentiate these two engineering traineeship programmes. Okay, let concern for the similar part first. In the time you become one of the successful trainees for these two traineeship programmes like Nampak engineering traineeship opportunities, you will; join for practical and theoretical class, deliver support within production process with sufficient degree of reliability and availability, settling the necessary modules for practical and theoretical and etc. Nevertheless, if you apply for glass making traineeship, you will spend 3 years traineeship period. Meanwhile, you need 1 year for quality lehr traineeship– when you apply for the quality lehr traineeship, be sure you have capability to recognize bottle’s visual defects

Apply for the Nampak Glass Making Traineeship Opportunity
Apply for the Nampak Quality Lehr Traineeship Opportunity

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