National Art Council Bursary Program

By | November 28, 2016

National Art Council Bursary Program

Qualified applicants who look forward another chance for National Art Council bursary, good news for you, since the bursary is currently opened. The opportunity to win the bursary is given to post graduates students majoring in arts, training institution and also registered institution that offer tuition within music, visual arts, theater, crafts, literature, and also dance to become part of the bursary. That is  not the only thing, in case that you aim for bachelor of technology degree that is majoring in arts, and have interest to join the bursary opportunity, the chance is given for you as well.

National Art Council Bursary

National Art Council bursary caters the chance for the bursary to any applicants who meet the bursary requirements, even so, if you are post graduate students who have interest in scarce skill, you will be prioritized to win the bursary. How to apply? Potential applicants who put their interest in bursary opportunity from National Art Council of South Africa,  you have to obtain application form and complete it properly before submitting your application. Where to get access for the application form? You have two options, first, you can download the application form. And second, you can access the application form at National Art Council Office.

click here to download the form.

When submitting your application for National Art Council bursary, make sure that you do it in timely manner or before the closing date of the bursary on September 9th. Aside from the requirements, there are two things that make qualified applicants can’t wit the bursary at National Art Council, which are, late application and incomplete documents. To figure out whether your application is successful or not, you can wait until December 11th. National Art Council Of South Africa has responsibility to improve arts’ excellence of talented youth of South African, in addition they want to contribute support for institutions who have contribution to develop arts.