Nedbank Bursary Programme

By | November 29, 2016

Nedbank Bursary Programme

Are you looking for bursary program? Well the lucky you, because now Nedbank are offering you a bursary programme. Before you go too far discussing about steps how to apply this bursary and also knowing the requirements you should fulfill, let’s learning what is bursary. For your information, bursary program is a kind of monetary present that is made by a certain institution and it is given to people whether it is groups or individuals who is not able to pay the fees fully. Nedbank bursary programme is offered for all of you who are presently in grade 12 for minimal.

This bursary also will be given for those of you that register grade 12 for the first year. It is also acceptable for students who have already been recognized by South African Public University, both of them is possible whether under or even post graduate study. This program can help you much, but there will be several requirements you have to be obedient. For your education, Nedbank bursary programme will give you a free payment for your school fee with proportion of 65 %; it is valid for all applicants. You have to involve in one of university that entrance the degree studies met criteria.

Apply for Nedbank Bursary Programme

For the applicants who did not passed a degree after matriculating will be thought over if only in 2013 they have matriculated, at least two years before accept the bursary. This Needbank bursary programme is also valid only for several institutions in South Africa. It is public universities in South Africa that is registered with Higher Education Council and also University that is in the field of property and technology with related qualification. If you want to apply you need to send your application for this bursary before the closing date, on April 30th 2015 through the email ( You can contact themt via number (+27 (0) 11 885 3908), via fax (+27 (0) 11 885 2927)