Nursing Learnerships in South Africa

By | November 28, 2016

Nursing Learnerships in South Africa

Interested in nursing learnerships? A learnership is a program of education and vocational training to facilitate the link between formal learning and work experience in order to obtain a registered qualification. Combines theory and working practice in a gr qualification that is recorded in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Nursing is an honorable profession. For those interested in becoming nurses, there is a training regimen that must be followed as prescribed by the Nursing Council of South Africa (SANC). SANC is a body which has been given a mandate to build and maintain quality standards in South Africa in regards to education and the practice of nursing. To become a nurse, one must complete an academic course 2 years which includes a 2000 hrs. clinical practice. There are a number of subjects that one will have to undertake in their study year. The second year of study will include the study of scientific topics that are important to basic nursing. For students who are interested in obtaining this qualification, there are a number of minimum requirements for admission that have been established by the SANC.

There are a number of websites out there on the Internet that can be used to find nursing learnerships in South Africa. The best way to get you nursing learnership is by going to be in contact with the local health office and see if they will be able to have training in place for you. This is not going to be one of learnership you’re going to be able to study at school or University, you will have to go to the business health themselves to try to get the learnership with them by going to have the experience you need and that is going to get you on the ladder to a career in nursing.

Make sure that your CV is ready and written. The health service will not have you within the period of nursing learnerships if you will not be able to prove that you had studied within the area or if you have any kind of previous experience. You will have to show them that this is going to be working for you and that you will be able to thrive against the training you have.

You have to find the contact details for local health near you to see if they will have a job for you, of course they are not going to call you if you do not contact them first. You are going to have to work hard and find everything that is out there for you. You can get help from your local job office or center in your area, since they will be able to see if there is something out there for you.

It won’t be as difficult as you may think to find nursing learnerships for you. With determination and research online you will have the results and the career you have been waiting for. You can obtain more information by visiting this link.

Nursing Learnerships in South Africa