Parmalat Human Resource Career Internship Programme

By | November 29, 2016

Parmalat Human Resource Career Internship Programme

For you who just recently graduate, it is necessary to first be a part of graduate development program. Graduate development program is what will equip recent graduates with skill and practical experience, what is needed for any more professional career. Join parmalat human resource that is now offering career internship programme for degree and diploma. What are being looked for is graduates with degree or diploma in Industrial psychology or equivalent, and the minimum requirement is Industrial Psychology 3. Prepare your necessary documents; which you will prepare for applying for job before the closing date that will be on 31 March 2015. Any of applications that are received after this due date will not be accepted.

If you are one sot-listed candidate and successfully join this parmalat human resource development programme, job title as Graduate: Human Resources in Human Resources department is what you will get. The classifications of the job type are as internship, and while your internship period you will be located in Western Cape, South Africa. Following this Graduate Development Programme internship, you will be get many benefits that will give you advantage in any of your further step to reach for career since company and corporate nowadays are looking more for graduates with applied skill, not only graduates with title. More, your applied skill will be specifically associated with particular discipline that making you has designated skill needed. Human Resources department is one needs these particular designated skill and you will be lucky joining any internship program before you apply for the real job.

Apply for the Parmalat Human Resources Graduate / Internship Opportunity

The career development programme in parmalat human resource prepares students that come from tertiary institutes with experiences that have applicable side in some particular discipline. It is the way to reach mutual benefit between the graduates to improve skill and for Parmalat to ensure its sustainable professional and talented technical resources.