PG Graduate Internship Program

By | November 29, 2016

PG Graduate Internship Program

Are still on a process of pursuing an internship opportunity? If the answer is yes then you might consider applying internship in P&G. Now it is opening a graduate and internship opportunity. The internship that is being offered by P&G will give you experience about the work, people, and also culture in that company. If you are involved in this internship you will know well the whole thing you need to do working in P&G. PG graduate internship program will give you some certain steps you will pass. First you are going to face challenging and rewarding work start from the day 1.

Second you will have the best development of career and training. Third, you will possibly get the opportunity of full time offer earning. The last, you may have the chance to socialize and also network. If you are interested to apply PG graduate internship program there are qualifications and also requirement you have to comply with. It is acceptable for students the 3rd or 4th year of student that presently study toward Bachelor Degree. The student also have to attach track record of team work and leadership, after that you are ready to face experience which could possibly challenging.

Apply P&G Graduate Internship Program

The period of internship will be six until eight weeks; it’s during vacation period in June or July. It also could be for six or eight weeks during vacation period in December until February. There is a criterion for candidate who is successful in PG graduate internship program. The success one is those of you who is able to complete the whole process of P&G. You have to be successful completing the assessment via online that possibly take about 40-35 minutes. After that you will be asked to write a reasoning test (psychometric) at P&G offices or your campus. The last you will be asked to do interviews. You have to apply before April 30th 2014.