Queensburgh Girls' High School Application Procedure

By | June 22, 2017

Queensburgh Girls’ High School Application Procedure

Important Points When Dealing With Your Application

  1. The Admission forms have to be handed in to the Admission Secretary by the parent/guardian only. No forms will be accepted from relatives, family friends, faxes, emails, pupils, students or drivers.
  2. Office hours for admission are from 07h15 to 14h30 Monday to Friday.
  3. Admissions close on 8 April 2016 for the 2017 Academic year.
  4. The admission policy requires that we first admit all those whose legal residence is within the Queensburgh area. This means that an applicant who applies later in the year may be admitted before an applicant who applies earlier and whose nearest state school is not Queensburgh Girls’ High School.
  5. Admission to a primary school in Queensburgh does not guarantee a place in Queensburgh Girls’ High School. The admission policy for this school is determined according to the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996.
  6. The state requires that we fill all available places. This means that we cannot keep open places in case there are late applications from people whose closest state school is Queensburgh Girls’ High School or who might move into the area. It is important that people apply timeously. In area parents are urged to call at Queensburgh Girls’ High School personally to collect the official application form as soon as possible and to return the same by 8 April 2016.
  7. Applications for all those whose closest state school is Queensburgh Girls’ High School are processed first. Thereafter, we determine how many spare places we might have for others.
  8. If there are spaces after the admission of Queensburgh learners, applicants and their parents who are from out of the area may be invited to an interview with the Admission’s Officer when a place is available. The purpose of the interview is to inform them about the school. The interview does not guarantee a place in the school.
  9. Parents will receive a response to their applications by the end of June.
  10. Should an applicant not accept a place, the place is offered to another applicant. Any in area applicant will always take precedence over all out of area applicants.
  11. Those waiting for spaces will be advised of the lack of places in July and again in October and advised to secure a place at another school. They have to be given preference at their nearest State school.
  12. If an application is made for Grades 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in January 2017, even if such application is an in area application, it is not likely that a place will be available.
  13. The province states that all admissions for the subsequent year must be completed by 31 October of the previous year. Schools are required to determine staffing, books, resources by August to finalise the number of places available.
  14. An applicant who has not secured a place may be granted an interview with the Senior Management concerned with overseeing admissions. This does not include the Principal. No further interviews with the school staff will be granted.
  15. Our admission protocol is governed by policy and procedure in accordance with S.A.S.A of 1996.