S4 Engineering Traineeship Programme At Eskom

By | November 28, 2016

S4 Engineering Traineeship Programme At Eskom

Eskom provides another training programme for unemployed graduates to develop their skill in engineering through S4 engineering traineeship programme. The requirements for the traineeship programme, however, potential trainees should have; (1) a full S4 qualification in civil, mechanical, electrical, and control and instrumentation, and (2) capability in speaking English for second language. The requirements alone, potential learners need to consider these follow competencies and skills, that include; (1) strong communication skill that involve written and verbal, (2) familiar with technical concept, good skill in planning and organizing, (3) cognitive and analytical thinking.

Another competencies and skills for engineering traineeship programme at Eskom which are worth mentioning are; (4) problem solving skills, (5) self-motivated personal with positive attitude, (6) capability to conduct physical work and a great team player, (7) committed and responsible, (8) excellent anger management, (9) safety awareness, and more. Keep in mind that potential learners should have drivers license in Code B, so then they are able to join the mentioned traineeship opportunity. But guess what? Those are not the only thing that counts to apply the traineeship programme from Eskom.

Apply Online Eskom Engineering Traineeship

Your capability to understand energy conversion process, technical, and electrical equipment together with capability in applying science and math knowledge during S4 engineering traineeship programme, Eskom considers that kind of skill and competencies as pivotal. How to apply for the traineeship? For the engineering traineeship opportunity that is schemed by Eskom, ensure to visit Eskom official website to apply for the traineeship online. The application for engineering traineeship will be closed on June