SABC Graduate Internship Program For 2016

By | November 30, 2016

SABC Graduate Internship Program For 2016

This is a chance for graduates who posses qualification for Degree/National Diploma either 3 or 4 year to experience graduate internship opportunity at SABC. Not to mention, but you will be exposed with some options of the internship program, such as; Radio Programming Ref:RD/011 (Media Studies/Journalism/Media Arts and Drama), Journalism (News) Ref: NW:001 (Journalism), News Studio Production Ref:NW:002 (Sound Engineering/Television and Screen Media/Certificate in Video Production/Video Technology), News Archives Ref:NW:003 (Library Science and Information Management), SABC Sport Ref SS:001 (Film and TV Production/Film and Media Studies/Technology Camera Operations/Media and Journalism Studies), and many others.

Another thing to bear in mind to apply for graduate internship at SABC, be sure that you are capable to meet with these requirements; hold Matric certificate and already complete 3 or 4 for year (Diploma/Degree) within the disciplines that are required, you are a SA citizen whose age is below 35 years old, computer lit for MS packages (however, familiar with MS project for peculiar fields will do good), zero internship and working experiences, strong communication skills using English, and you should be able to join the internship program on April 1st 2016 that is lasted within 10 months.

Download Application Form. Applications should be emailed to

When you apply for SABC graduate internship program, be sure that you apply through pertinent province. Also you need to identify the internship and the ref number. Say that you fail to confirm that aforementioned, you application won’t be approved. Complete the application form, then prepare as follow; (1) well-structured CV that is filled with information related to skills, experience, and recent competencies, (2) certified copies of Matric certificate, SA ID, Degree/Diploma, academic transcripts and some other necessary documents. Send your application afterward to, To download the application form or to source details information for the bursary, you can visit SABC website. This opportunity will be closed on January 31st 2016.