SAPS Basic Police Development Learning Programme

By | November 28, 2016

SAPS Basic Police Development Learning Programme

For you women and men who are South Africa citizens that have a dream to be a police and want to actualize it, then this is the time for all of you. Since, SAPS will recruit potential applicants to be a part of their learning programme. However, to apply SAPS basic police development learning programme for 2015, you must to be qualified for all of the requirements which are given to you- and be sure that you submit your application before its closing date on December 22nd 2014 to registered area of your hometown around South Africa. Remember that you are only allowed to send your application form three times.

The requirements to be successful trainees of SAPS basic police development learning programme are; (a) you must be women or men whose age is eighteen or below thirty years old, (b), South Africa citizen that is proven by legal document, (c) possess a 12 grade of school certificate or something similar, (d) mastering two official languages and one of them must be English, (e) medical record that shows the applicants mentally and physically health, (f) have no tattoo, (g) have no criminal record, (h), have ideal body posture, (g) agree to follow all of further assessment during the recruitment.

A basic police development learning programme that is held by SAPS will set in three periods during twenty four months, they are; (1) academy period that is held during the first ten months, (2) field police development period that takes time about twelve months after the first ten months of SAPS basic police development learning programme period, and (3) integrated assessment period about two months. By becoming the trainee of this basic police development learning programme, for sure you will get some of other benefits such 21/7 medical care, remuneration and so on. When you apply to this programme, be sure there is nothing left behind or your application will not successful.

Application forms must be hand delivered to the following recruitment centres:

Durban Central: SAPS Durban Central, 282 Stalwart Simelane Street, Durban, for attention: Capt SG Chetty, tel: 031 325 4442

Umlazi: SAPS Umlazi, V1295 Number 1, Prince Mcwayizeni Road, Umlazi, for attention: W / Officer B. Pillay, tel: 031 908 0080

Empangeni: 46 Old Main Road, Empangeni, for attention: Mrs Majola, tel: 031 901 5816

Port Shepston: SAPS Port Shepstone. Lot 341 Court Houses Road, Port Shepstone, for attention: W / Officer Moonsamy, tel: 039 688 1114

Pietermaritzburg: SAPS – Pietermaritzburg, 145 Church Street, Pietermaritzburg, for attention, SAC M van Zenten, tel: 033 845 2450

Kodstad: SAPS Kodstad, 65 Main Street, Kodstad, for attention: Capt Theron, tel: 039 797 1121

Ladysmith: SAPS Ladysmith, 36 King Street, for attention: Capt Sithole, tel: 036 638 3313

Newcastle: SAPS Newcastle, 76 Allen Street, Newcastle, for attention: Capt van Niekerk, tel: 034 314 6134

Dundee: SAPS Dundee, 75 Gladstone Street, for attention: Capt Botha, tel: 034 299 9756 / 9775

Jozini: SAPS Jozini, Jozini, Main Road, 356 Nsinde Street, for attention: Capt Myeni, tel: 035 572 36 43

Ulundi: Office No 8, Block 15, Unit A, No 8 Wombe Street, Ulundi, for attention: Lt Masondo, tel: 035 874 0240

Enquiries: Provincial Head – KZN, Lt Colonel K Govender / PPO M Parsaramen / SPO SV Nkosi, tel: 031 325 4808 / 6194 / 6196

Correspondence will be conducted with successful candidates only.

If you do not receive feedback from the SAPS within three (3) months of the closing date, please regard your application as unsuccessful.