SASOL Bursary Programme to Apply

By | November 29, 2016

SASOL Bursary Programme to Apply

Joining for bursary programme is a smart solution if you are a brilliance student that needs financial assistance for your educational needs. Fortunately, if you are one among many brilliance students that seeking for a bursary, bursary programme by SASOl is something to consider. Since, for 2015-2015, you have chance to join for SASOL bursary opportunity for these following disciplines such as computer engineering (B Eng/BSc), Mining Engineering (B Eng/BSc), Chemical Engineering (B Eng/BSc), Mechanical Engineering (B Eng/BSc), Civil Engineering (B Eng/BSc), Electrical Engineering ( B Eng/BSc), Accounting (BCom), CA Stream (BBscience), Industrial Engineering (BEng/BSc) and Geology (BSc).

In fact to become a bursar for this bursary programme, the qualification is divided by two, the one that matriculates to the university before 2007 and the one that matriculates to the university after 2007, then what are the different for both two in the way to join for SASOL bursary programme? For those who are legally matriculated after 2007, then you must; hold grade 11 with English (level 4 for first language and level 5 for second language), you need to grasp level 6 for Physical Science and level 7 for math if you join a bursary for science and engineering field in grade 11, and many more.

Apply for the SASOL Bursary Programme

Then, for those that legally are matriculated before 2007, the requirements should be like; a grade 12 with English (D symbol for first language and C symbol for second language), a grade 12 with C symbol for Accounting HG if you yearn for BCom Accounting and many more. Then, to join SASOL bursary, you must be a South Africa citizen with legal ID document. During the bursary, all things that you need that is related to your education will be paid by this bursary programme. Some of them will be directly given to you and some will be sent to the university. For other detail information, you can visit their official site.

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