A Scholarship for Black Women

By | November 28, 2016

A Scholarship for Black Women

If you are black women who have spirit and enthusiasm in developing your achievement, you should check the information below carefully. It is your lucky day because the Association of South African Women in Science and Engineering (SA WISE) gives the Angus scholarships every year. It is only dedicated for intelligent black women like you, especially for African women.

It is not complicated to get the scholarship. Some general requirements are so simple to pass. First, you have to be one of students in the field of science and engineering.  You have to be active in the SA WISE organization right after you are chosen as the one who get the scholarship. Also, you need to be in the fourth year of your study. It means that if you are still new comers who are less than 3 years, then you should wait for another chance. Keep it in your mind that the scholarship is only for black women who are smart and enthusiastic.

If you still have other questions to ask or if you still need other requirements, you can access directly to the website. If you have understood too, it is better for you to visit the official website as soon as possible because the application of the scholarship is processed through the official website. The application for the scholarship is closed on November 30 every year. Keep on following the information that the official website provides so that you will be up to date about the scholarship applying process. However, if it is still unsatisfied for you to read the information that you find online, then you still have other option to take. Check the online website again and then find the address or the customer care number that you can contact.  If you want simpler and faster process, you can simply click on the following link

UCT Women Scholarships