School Representative Job Post in Johannesburg Dec 2016

By | November 30, 2016

School Representative Job Post in Johannesburg Dec 2016

School Representative Employment Position in South Africa 2016


Career recruitment for School Representative in South Africa 2016


Remuneration: R11000 – R12300 per month Basic salary
Benefits: Petrol and cellphone allowance
Location: Johannesburg
Education level: Matric
Job level: Junior/Mid
Type: Contract


Job description


  • Monitor given target, timeously red flag any deviations and liaise with regional coordinator.
  • Liaise with the RC daily. reconfirm schedule and all other operational elements.
  • Report to the regional MTD office to collect schedule of confirmed class lessons/posters and feedback forms from the RC.
  • Make confirmation phone calls to all schools booked by RC, on a weekly basis.

Class lessons 

  • Prepare comprehensively for class lesson.
  • Perform class lessons as per confirmed booking schedule
  • Ensure class lessons are well executed, interactive and entertaining, in accordance with script guidelines.


  • Ensure that teachers complete the feedback form after each completed class lesson.
  • Complete the school rep feedback form after each class lesson representation.
  • Capture the feedback electronically and email to the RC at the conclusion of lessons each days.
  • Hand in original feedback forms at the weekly status meeting with the RC.

Administration/ general tasks

  • Manage and control equipment and campaign elements.
  • Ensure that travel logs are recorded accurately.
  • Attend a weekly status meeting with the RC.
  • Assist the RC at the MTD regional office, with school bookings and/or other project related admin when no class lessons booked and school holidays.
  • To perform any other reasonably and/or lawful duties or tasks which fall outside the job description.

Ability to work independently, use initiative

  • Takes full ownership of projects
  • Completes tasks independently without supervision
  • Uses initiative to solve problems
  • Demonstrates a sincere positive attitude towards getting things done.
  • Creates opportunities or minimise potential problems by anticipating and preparing for these in advance.
  • Seeks out and/or accepts additional responsibilities in the context of the job.

Attention to detail 

  • Double-check the accuracy of information to provide accurate and consistent work.
  • Provides information on a timely basis and in a usable form to others who need to act on it.
  • Carefully monitors the details and quality of own and others’ work.
  • Completes all work according to procedures and standards.

Ability to work under pressure      

  • Ability to remain calm and make objective decisions when under pressure.
  • Ability to successfully multitask.

Team player   

  • Reliable, functions as an active participant. Flexibility. Commitment to the team. Treat others in a respectful and supportive manner.


  • Recognises and capitalises on opportunities.
  • Tries new things to reach challenging goals and persists until personal and team goals are achieved and commitments met.
  • Works to meet individual and company goals with positive regard, acknowledgement of, and cooperation with the achievement of others’ goals.
  • Motivates others to translate ideas into actions and results.


  • Accuracy, clear and concise for email.
  • Descriptive, accuracy and clear for proposal.


  • Good presenting skills when presenting school lessons
  • Presents oneself clearly and articulately when speaking with an individual or before a group assuring that others fully comprehend the intended message.

Time management 

  • Develops or uses systems to organise and keep track of information (e.g., “”to-do”” lists, appointment calendars, follow-up file systems).
  • Keeps track of activities completed and yet to do, to accomplish stated objectives.
  • Keeps clear, detailed records of activities related to accomplishing stated objectives.
  • Knows status of own work at all times
  • Manage hours  accurately and timeously record and submit.
  • Ensure reception is advised of whereabouts when not in the office

Please note: must have valid code B licence and own vehicle.


  • Time management
  • Flexible
  • Hardworking



  • Educational background
  • Marketing agency background

Contact details
Leila Abrahams
087 353 9606