Several Vacancies by Department of Labour Learneships

By | November 28, 2016

Several Vacancies by Department of Labour Learneships

There is good news from department of labour learnerships. This department is offering several interesting vacancies for you. There are two requirements you need to complete to apply the vacancies. First, you have to submit the application form. The Application for Employment form can be printed or completed from any Public Service Department. Second, the application has to be supported by certified copies of qualification and a comprehensive CV.

This year, you can apply one of nine vacancies offered by department of labour learnerships. For example, there are four different vacancies for assistant director. You have an opportunity to apply COIDA, career counselor and compliance and assurance audit. The closest expired application date is 6 October 2014 and 13 October 2014. You are also able to apply for deputy director. You can apply this vacancy up to 6 October 2014. Principal inspector is also offered this year. You have an opportunity to be civil and construction engineering or occupational and health hygiene. Both of the vacancies are expired on 6 October 2013. There is also any other vacancies you can also apply. Of course, you have to decide which vacancies you want to apply because the short expired date.

If you want to know the complete information about those vacancies, you can just need to visit The related important document you need to apply the vacancies is also prepared there. The document is Z.83 form or Application for Employment form. Just right click on the link you want to download. Then, choose save target as to get the form you need to apply the vacancy. This is your great opportunity to be the part of department of labour learnerships and show your skill. Before submitting the application just makes sure that the requirements are complete so you can go the next step of job vacancy test.

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