Shoprite Bursary Scholarship 2016

By | November 29, 2016

Shoprite Bursary Scholarship 2016

Shoprite bursary offers you varieties programs of bursary for 1st, 2nd, 3rd year and Honours Students. This is time for you take the chance to get the scholarship. There are three fields that can be chose by you if you are interested in bursary programs, such as accounting bursary, information technology bursary, logistics bursary, marketing bursary, pharmacy bursary, and hospitality management bursary. They have their own requirement and the close date. This chance is only available for you who are in the South Africa area, especially for African.

First, accounting bursary is for students who are talented in the accounting program. Bursary will fund some talented students in here. However, you have to do the completion in the first six months in 60% for the average. Second, information technology bursary provides for students who want try to create an innovative IT and ideas. The innovative programmers will be fund by Shoprite Bursary where is located in Western Cape. Third, it is similar requirement with accounting bursary, but logistics bursary needs bachelors in engineering, logistics, and science fields. Forth, marketing bursary needs bachelors in marketing field, and has to do the completion in the first six months in 60% for the average. Then, for pharmacy bursary need bachelor in pharmacy, and should attract in health care retail industry. Last, hospitality management bursary must form national diploma which relates with hospitality management and business.

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However, for you who attract with this scholarship, you have to check Shoprite website every time to get to know about the detailed information about other requirements and the close date. Since, the close date is not specified yet for the applicants. So, this is time for you to prepare yourself to be one of part in Shoprite bursary in the future. Find your future goal and achievements to be one of best bursary field.