Smallon Graduate Internship Programs On February 2016

By | November 30, 2016

Smallon Graduate Internship Programs On February 2016

Waiting for a chance to win graduate internship opportunity to sharpen your competency within certain major of your choice? Smallon graduate internship offers you chance to join one within some of their graduate internship programs on February 2016. And you may guess that for graduate internship program that is designed, those who decide to be a apart of it should meet the requirements that are requested by the official. Straight to the point, for 2016, Smallon designs two kind of graduate internship programs for aspiring graduates, Information Technology and HR graduate internship programs.

Consider Smallon graduate internship opportunity is what you need, be sure you note its requirements before sending anything to its official. Expecting to expand your knowledge in Information Technology area, then you need to prepare your IT degree and its related area altogether with Grade 12. Once you prepare those, you can directly send your application online. The same thing applies when it comes to HR graduate internship program at Smallon. After you prepare any necessary things that are required to apply the graduate internship, you can apply the application online, as well.

Apply for the Smallon IT Graduate / Internship Opportunity

Apply for the Smallon HR Graduate / Internship Opportunity

For HR graduate internship opportunity at Smallon, the requirements include, degree in Human Resources related territory and grade 12. After you knew about the things you should posses to successfully become a part of Smallon graduate internship, next is about the deadline of the program as this part is also pivotal. Unemployed graduates that aim for graduate internship at Smallon, should submit their application before or none later than February 29th 2016. Any lateness will dismiss your chance to obtain access for the graduate internship. In addition, the graduate internship program at Smallon is situated in Johannesburg, thus ensure that you deal with no hassle to reach the location, as it can affects your performance.