South African Reserve Bank Bursaries: Achieve Higher

By | November 20, 2016

South African Reserve Bank Bursaries: Achieve Higher

South African Reserve Bank bursaries are open and inviting talented South African students to learn and build careers in the bank. The lack of skillful and highly-educated in the banking drive the bank to reach more interested people to be positioned and to support the students with financial coverages that is very benefiting for everyone. If you think you can fit in, read more about SARB bursaries below!

About SARB

South African Reserve Bank Bursaries

South African Reserve Bank, established in 1921, is South Africa’s central bank. The establishment was first to counter the abnormal monetary result brought by World War I. SARB was one of central banks established outside Europe and United Kingdom, beside Japan, United States and Java. Unlike the other central bank, SARB is privately owned with regulations that no single stakeholder is allowed to own more than 10,000 shares individually. The functions of SARB are creating and implementing the monetary policy, supervising the banking sysytems, issuing coin and banknotes, managing foreign exchange and gold, acting as banker to South African government etc.

Available Fields of Study

South African Reserve Bank bursaries are provided to assist the young South African to study further in the relevant fields of study and those are Economics, Finance, Information Technology, Accounting and Law.

Qualifications For Bursaries

There are several qualifications that all applicants must fulfill for applying South African Reserve Bank bursaries and are listed below:

  • Bursaries are awarded to South African citizens only and apply only for undergraduate degrees
  • Interested students must have obtain 60% in June Matric or Grade 12 examinations
  • Applicants must be available for studying full-time and on relevant fields of study
  • Applicants are from financially needy/disadvantaged background
  • Applicants are younger than 30 years old
  • Applicants must have been accepted at a recognized South African university/institution
  • The total amount for bursaries will be reviewed annually
  • A one-off payment for accommodation, books and tuition fees will be given annually
  • Selected bursars will be provided for vacation work and also to sign agreement with SARB after completing their studies. Those who refuse working for SARB will be required to fully return the fund awarded by SARB

Applying For Bursaries

South African Reserve Bank bursaries will closed on 30 September of every year. Interested applicants are required to attach certified copy of South African ID, 250 words of motivation essay, latest academic results and the application form that can be downloaded here:

Kindly send the South African Reserve Bank bursaries completed application form and documentations to: