Standard Bank Graduate Leanership Programme

By | November 30, 2016

Standard Bank Graduate Leanership Programme

A Standard Bank graduate is a learnership opportunity to accommodate learners who aim for in-depth knowledge about internal auditing territory. Within the program the will gain both informal and formal training to expand and to develop their understanding toward the thing that is exposed during the program. To be a successful applicant for a learnership opportunity at Standard Bank, self assure that you can handle the requirements that are offered to you. Let it alone, the requirements itself are divided in two, first the additional requirements, and second, the basic qualification which is depending on the learnership opportunity that you apply.

When it comes to the additional requirements for Standard Bank graduate, they are; age around 18 to 30 years old, capability in English (speaking, reading, and writing), obtain Matric certificate, excellent in operating computer, unemployed graduate, and you must not join any learnership program. Move to the program that you can apply, they are; Internal Auditing learnership which requires you to hold BCom Internal Auditing or Internal Auditing qualification, Unemployed Matriculants learnership then you need to complete Matric with Accounting and Maths (min average 50%), and Burea De Change learnership, for this you need to have qualification for preferred post Matric.

Internal Auditing Learnership

Burea de Change Learnership

Learnerships for Unemployed Matriculants

CIB Operations Learnership

Test Analyst Learnership Learnership

Relationship Banking Learnership

Systems Development Learnership

Finance Learnership

Another chances for Standard Bank graduate which you can apply includes, CIB Operations learnership which only you can apply if you hold Tertiary qualification or Degree in one of these following; Engineering, Operations, Accounting, or Financial. Another will be Business Analytic, Finance leanership, Relationship Banking learnership and many others. To gain your opportunity for learnership opportunity at Standard Bank, after prepare and provide all things which count for a successful application, you can apply this one for online. In addition, you are obliged to sign contracts for both the learnership program and the employment contract once you become its successful applicant. Nevertheless, the closing date will be on January 26th.